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bobby d'ambrosia

An Independent Certified Coach, Teacher, Trainer and Speaker with The John Maxwell Team

Bobby D’Ambrosia is a Professional Certified Speaker, Trainer and Coach with The John Maxwell Team who helps clients become more effective in their personal lives and professional careers. Bobby also spent many years in Tony Robbins organization assisting in leading his events around the country. He works with companies, educational institutions, youth groups and professional organizations by conducting personal growth and leadership workshops. His specialties include Personal Development/Growth Plans, Communication and Leadership.

Prior to starting his speaking/coaching business, Bobby spent over 20 years working in the Real Estate and Technology Industries. Bobby has had a very successful Real Estate career and consistently achieved many awards in excellence and Team production. He was successful as individual agent and instrumental in the building of a top Team in the Region. Bobby co-authored a Real Estate training program called “Roots to Results” helping agents increase their business. He also had a very successful career prior to Real Estate where he was instrumental in growing a technology company from 2 Million to over 50 Million Dollars in Sales in just a couple of years.


Bobby is available for a consultation call for coaching, personal development and leadership training

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